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Our Value Proposition

We can help you sell your business by making it more self-sufficient and more valuable so it is easier to sell. We put in place processes and procedures to delegate work so the owners can have more free time. This makes it easier for buyers to step in without worrying about losing money, getting into debt or fighting with suppliers. We offer two options when we provide our services – cash or equity in the business.

Our Core Values

Our core value is to put people first. Any business partnership or investment must work for our clients and for us. Any business advice must be to the benefit of our clients, their associates and their customers.

About Us

Comreco Group is a private consulting company based in Central Florida. We invest in businesses by partnering with them and providing business consulting services. We are not a business broker.

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Many business owners tend to forget about an exit strategy. Others don’t realize how much of their work they can delegate. When it comes to transitioning to spending less time in your business, there are a lot of different things that can go right, but also a few things that can go wrong. These papers will give you some insight. Go ahead and click “Get White Papers” below to receive your free copies.